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While Pulse Talk Radio is, and always will remain a free playing Internet Radio Station, donations are certainly welcome and always greatly appreciated.

To operate and maintain a radio station takes up a considerable amount of time and website costs, server costs, station ID jingles that we use on Pulse Talk Radio, paranormal themes and bringing new music talent to the radio eg unsigned bands for promotion.

Itís the managerís hobbies and itís our cost to bear. We fully understand that and go about our business here as such. We work pretty hard trying to make Pulse Talk Radio the best that it can be, and when some appreciative listener kindly donates (no matter what the amount), we feel like we are actually accomplishing something here.

So if youíre feeling generous and want to support all our efforts to keep Pulse Talk Radio fresh and at the top of her game, feel free to click the Paypal button below and make a donation in the amount of your choice.

If not Pulse is here to stay so enjoy the paranormal talk shows and the music anyway!

Station Managers Carl Warr and Tracey Harrad

Hereís How to Donate:

To make a donation to Pulse Talk Radio, please click on the Ďdonateí button below. Youíll be taken to Paypalís secure website where you can enter the amount you wish to donate. Use a Visa, MC, Discover, American Express, or your Paypal account to make your donation. Thank you in advance!

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