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Jason Love

Jason Love lectures all over the globe, presenting topics such as demonic infestation, violent house haunting, poltergeist attacks and has collected haunted objects from many cases. Raised by his mother and grandmother, both of whom were powerful mediums, Jason developed mediumship skills at a young age. Jason didn't simply decide to take this path into Demonolgy, a sequence of events which changed his life almost seemed to place him on this route.

In 1992 whilst living in Glasgow, as a 16 year and inexperienced paranormal investigator, he was asked to help a family with potential poltergeist activity. Three days into the investigation and Jason decided to attempt to provoke the entity, something which would gain him a reaction that he wasn't prepared for. On this occasion the entity violently and brutally attacked him, leaving him in Hospital ICU for three months. However it would take a further three years of trauma counselling and psychiatric medication to help combat the nightmares, terror attacks and flashbacks of that night.

Jason's Parish Preist was an ordained exorcist and he helped him by enrolling Jason at a special seminary run by the Jusuit Order of Rome. During this Jason spent many days learning and training in modern and biblical demonology. He attended prayer and Mass with fellow priests too. He also attended six real exorcisms carried out by the Order. It was these teachings that gave Jason the basic groundings as a Demonologist, both in theory and in practice.

Jason appeared on Pulse's Pure Paranormal Show 7th February 2017 and will be appearing again for a further discussion in the near future with Tomo Warrington the show host.

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