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Presenter Wanted This Could Be Your Profile Page

Do you have the foundation to become a radio talk show host. We are looking for someone who is witty, intelligent and has a good sense of humour. Are you interested in paranormal, spiritual or supernatural topics then here is your chance to join a friendly paranormal community and bring your voice to online radio. There are numerous programmes of software available to broadcast some are free and some can be purchased. Don't worry if you are unfamiliar with broadcasting software we can help.

Having a show will provide you a platform to showcase your expertise and entertain your target audience. It will also give you a forum to discuss what is important to you and let your listeners have a fun, informative and entertaining show.

We know all presenters volunteer their time and effort for free to broadcast a show on the Radio and to help presenters make a little bit of money for themselves they can obtain advertisement for their show. If you know any companies who want to advertise on your show get them to advertise and you will get the money from that advertisement. Its a way you get some money for doing the shows you can use it to get mugs or teeshirts printed for your show or just put the money away for your own cause we will leave that entirely upto you

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