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Allan J. Sweeney was born 80% disabled. Not expected by doctors to live to be a teenager, Allan attended a special boarding school for "delicate children". As an adult he was often hospitalised twice a year. One day, a lady placed her hands on his back. Ten minutes later, he was cured.

Allan felt like the life force of the universe was inside him, and he could achieve anything. He wondered what other illnesses and suffering could be relieved. He studied therapies, then taught internationally, including to doctors, academics, and psychologists. He became a psychologist with his prestigious Harley Street clinic in simple, fast and innovative psychological therapies, attended a UK parliament health committee for the Doctor-Healer Network, Honorary President of Reiki in Japan, National Trainer of therapists for UK prisons, and therapist or spiritual advisor to four royal families.

To contact Allan J. Sweeney : info@allansweeney.com or Tel: +44 7428807689 for further details. You can also find more information on Allan J. Sweeney website www.allansweeney.com

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