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In 2010, Georgie had an Angelic intervention which changed her life and took her from stressed and depressed, to fulfilled and blessed. An Angel named Love spoke through Georgie whilst she attended a spiritual development group. During the Angel's visit, Georgie went into an altered state of awareness, her metaphysical appearance and voice changed, and the Angel, Love, informed the group that she had come to help heal her Soul and connect her to her Life;s Purpose.

Love announced "You will sing with the Angels to heal your Soul and then you will share our healing love and guidance through your voice"

Georgie is an international Singer, Spiritual Teacher and Medium who passionately supports peace, unity and oneness.

She is also an Angelic Medium, and founder Angelic Harmony Therapy, which is a sound Healing Modality which Georgie has taught to others from all over the world, with Practitioners in Europe, Canada, Brazil and New Zealand.

Georgie also is the enchanting voice of,Seraphisa Music ,and has recorded five angelic albums of heavenly music with producer and musician Marcus C Dolan.

She offers a unique Spiritual experience and you can book a Free 30 minute clarity call on her site to see which is the best option for you. You can choose from

Spiritual Therapy on Video call

Distant Pellowah Healing

Personalised Mp3 Sound Therapy or Meditation Sessions

Weekly Group sessions in her "Circle of Love"

Private Teaching sessions for Angelic Harmony Therapy

If you would like to organise a group event, Georgie will be available for Concerts and Musical Mediumship Demonstrations.

Georgie has written an EBook "7 Secrets to Self-Love" it is a free gift which is waiting for you to download on her website.


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